Speakers and Talks Announced!

We’ve just announced our 2016 conference speaker lineup – 14 awesome people from the South West and beyond, giving you a full days worth of tech talks covering topics including JS, HTML5, SQL, Azure, RabbitMQ, .net and more!

Here’s the full schedule for Saturday October 8th 2016:

9:00am – Registration Opens
Track 1 Track 2
A John Kane – Fixing the Web with the Interplanetary File System Joseph Woodward – Going cross-platform with ASP.NET Core
B Jacob Tomlinson – Monitoring in a scalable world Annette Allen – The what, why and how of Unit Testing with SQL Server
C 1) Andy Mantell – Revitalizing your frontend workflow with pattern libraries
2) John Blackmore – Simplify, Isolate and Scale with RabbitMQ
Martin Thornalley – Data Science in the cloud with Microsoft Azure
D 1) Craig Buckler – The Future of Mobile: Native vs Progressive Web Apps
2) Rachel Prudden – Genetic Algorithmns
Ian Ames – Practical agile. Lessons learned the hard way on our journey building digital products.
E Andy Wood – enjoy the Vue.js Mike Dunn and Will Scott – Story mapping and sketching – humanising the requirements process
F Christopher Hunt – This Is Where We Where: A TIWWA @ Tate Modern Post Mortem
5:30pm – Closing Session

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Multiplayer Gaming Test at the Boardgame Cafe

Some of you may have realised that i’m pretty big into gaming – and following on from the WiFi wars event earlier in July I couldn’t stop myself from building something similar! Hosted at Board (Exeter’s awesome boardgame cafe) I’m taking over their “Open Gaming Night” on Tuesday 9th August where people can rock up to play boardgames with friends and strangers alike, but i’m adding an electronic gaming component to it!

What is it?

I built a multiplayer gaming system, where you use your mobile phone to control retro games – but with a twist: You get paired up with a random person, and each of you gets half of the control pad – one of you can jump, the other can move left / right, and you get 20 seconds to make your way through as much of the game until it’s the next pair’s turn!

Here it is in action at the Sundown Demoparty earlier in July:

I built that in a week with nodeJS, socketio and HTML5, so it was a little buggy… if you would like to help me test out a new version of the code, give feedback and to help me work out what devices it works on, please register on the facebook event.

Note: Board Open Gaming Nights are not free, you need to pay to play games at Board. More details on their facebook page.

Wifi Wars at the Exeter Phoenix

Wifi Wars is an audience participation gaming event which is currently touring the country, and it was held at the Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 7th July. Rob and I went along…

The event is the brainchild of Rob Sedgebeer and Steve McNeil behind the airing-in-the-near-future TV gaming show “Go 8-bit” (hosted by Dara O’Briain).

To join in, you connect to a wifi network using your mobile phone, and then you visit a web page which then allows you to control aspects of the games (triggered by the presenters). I had a go at a similar thing at the Mozilla Conference last year and it worked pretty well, but this had a lot more polish to it!

The guys bring 4x access points, 2 laptops (for game control, projection, VR demo etc) and everything runs in HTML5 with a NodeJS backend. We had an awesome night of gaming, despite there not being many people attending!

Some pics from the Exeter event:






Meetup: 30th June 2016

Join us for an evening of lightning talks and chat (and hopefully some BBQ food!) at this summer fruits edition of the Tech Exeter meetup.

As per usual, we’re hosted by the wonderful folk at the City Gate Hotel in Exeter, and we have the following talks lined up for your enjoyment:

* John Blackmore @JohnBlackmore on Deployment / Continuous Integration
* Duncan Thompson on Life as a Contractor

June 2016 Meetup – Summer fruits flavour!

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016, 7:00 PM

City Gate Hotel
1 Iron Bridge Exeter, GB

56 Members Went

Join us for an evening of lightning talks and chat (and hopefully some BBQ food!) at this summer fruits edition of the Tech Exeter meetup.* John Blackmore (ex-crowdcube) @JohnBlackmore on Deployment / Continuous Integration * Duncan Thompson on Life as a Contractor * more TBA

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by @SteveALee
by @SteveALee



Tech meetup group rebrands and opens co-working space

Popular tech meetup group ExeterWeb has re-branded as TechExeter and opened up a new co-working space in the heart of the city. With strong ties to the community, TechExeter is set to become an essential resource for tech companies large and small.

The co-working space opened on the 2nd of May and offers desk space in the centre of Southernhay starting from £80 per month. “What we’ve done is to create a space that not only has great facilities for people to rent, but one that actively supports those who work in the tech industry, whether they are software developers, data analysts or web start-ups” says Kris Sum, co-founder of TechExeter. “We’ve got a hacker space for developing hardware prototypes, shelves of tech books, a lightning-fast network, plus I’m on hand to answer any technical queries”.

For two years, Kris and co-founder Rob Glover have worked growing the Exeter Web meetup community and its sister group Digital Exeter, which together now total over 1000 members. “We started as a social meetup group focused around web technology, but we felt that re-branding to TechExeter would be a much better fit for what we actually get involved with today” Rob explains.  “We now run regular meetups with lightning-talks on a huge range of tech topics including engineering, computing and data science, and that’s reflected by our massively talented pool of members including people from the Met Office, FlyBe, Crowdcube and the University of Exeter”.

With the continued success of their sell-out meetup events, there’s even talk about running a conference. “We’re very much in the early stages, but we’re very excited and have teamed up with some excellent partners to provide our community with the great conference it deserves.” says Kris. “We can’t reveal all of the things we have in store, but I can say it will be a ticketed one-day event taking place in Exeter during this Autumn, with multiple tracks, workshops and hands-on sessions”.

April 28th 2016

Join us for an evening of lightning talks and socialising with the awesome web/tech community.

* Samantha V Adams @SamanthaVAdams with AI and Machine Learning
* Rachel Prudden @RachelPrudden on WebGL
* … and an exciting announcement!

If you have any announcements that you’d like to make at the meetup, get in touch!

April 2016 Meetup

Thursday, Apr 28, 2016, 7:00 PM

City Gate Hotel
1 Iron Bridge Exeter, GB

64 Members Went

Join us for an evening of lightning talks and socialising with the awesome web/tech community.* Samantha V Adams @SamanthaVAdams with AI and Machine Learning * Rachel Prudden @RachelPrudden on WebGL * … plus a SUPER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!If you have any news that you’d like to announce at the meetup, get in touch!

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