Graphical Web at The Met Office

Graphical Web is an annual, global conference that showcases the many new open source technologies available for presenting visual information on the web.

The conference showcases best practice, new opportunities and future directions in the fast-changing world of web graphics and will appeal to a variety of professionals throughout the technology, data visualisation and graphics industries.

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Coding Dojo at Exeter University

The University of of Exeter is holding an occasional series of ‘Coding Dojos’, starting on Thursday 3rd November, with the first one on the subject of Graph Databases, hosted by Gerry McNicol, co-founder of Big Consultancy and long-time data-scientist and developer.

The topic:
Relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL don’t really store relationships. We’re going dive into the alternative world of Graph databases and see why internet giants like Facebook, Netflix and LinkedIn use this particular NoSQL model.

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Games For Better #GameJam

Our friends down in Plymouth at SoGoodStudios are running a 48h game jam, raising awareness about Antibiotic Resistance on the evening of Friday 30th September through to Sunday 2nd October.

The theme of the Jam is ‘Antibiotic Resistance’ – we want to see games that teach about and raise awareness of this issue in fun and engaging ways.

The jam will take place in Plymouth University’s Babbage building, where developers taking part can stay for the full 48 hours. However, you can also take part remotely.

You can take part solo, or as part of a team.

You’ll be asked to submit a build of your game, as well as some gameplay footage, to a google drive folder, and to fill out a form with some more details on your entry.

Find out more at

Conference Talks Announced!

Here it is – our conference lineup for Saturday 8th October 2016!

9:00am – Registration Opens
Track 1 Track 2
A John Kane – Fixing the Web with the Interplanetary File System Joseph Woodward – Going cross-platform with ASP.NET Core
B Jacob Tomlinson – Monitoring in a scalable world Annette Allen – The what, why and how of Unit Testing with SQL Server
C 1) Andy Mantell – Revitalizing your frontend workflow with pattern libraries
2) John Blackmore – Simplify, Isolate and Scale with RabbitMQ
Martin Thornalley – Data Science in the cloud with Microsoft Azure
D 1) Craig Buckler – The Future of Mobile: Native vs Progressive Web Apps
2) Rachel Prudden – Genetic Algorithmns
Ian Ames – Practical agile. Lessons learned the hard way on our journey building digital products.
E Andy Wood – enjoy the Vue.js Mike Dunn and Will Scott – Story mapping and sketching – humanising the requirements process
F Christopher Hunt – This Is Where We Where: A TIWWA @ Tate Modern Post Mortem
5:30pm – Closing Session

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