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Dec 6th Meetup

We’re back in Exeter Phoenix on our normal “first thursday of every other month” schedule.

Join us for lightning talks, discussion and techy chit-chat!

  • Derek Buitenhuis (Senior Video Engineer @ Vimeo) – Loading Balancing with Consistent Hashing
  • Paul Rose – Scaling Web projects / servers
  • more TBC!

If you’d like to give a short 10 minute lightning talk at this meetup, get in touch!

December Meetup

Thursday, Dec 6, 2018, 7:00 PM

The Workshop @ The Phoenix
Gandy Street Exeter, GB

56 Members Went

Our usual mix of Lightning Talks, Chat and Networking. More details to come nearer the time. * Derek Buitenhuis (Senior Video Engineer @ Vimeo) – Loading Balancing with Consistent Hashing * Paul Rose – Scaling Web projects / servers * … more TBC – If you’d like to speak at this meetup, get in touch! TechExeter CIC is sponsored by Stephens Scown L…

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Tech/Digital MEGA MEETUP JAN 10th

TechExeter and Digital Exeter combine to give you the first of our MEGA MEETUPS

Jan 10th, Met Office HPC Complex (Science Park)

Get to know your digital / tech counterparts with an evening of lightning talks from both communities, networking, and our first ever pub quiz!

  • Find out more about TechExeter / Digital Exeter
  • Lightning talk from Sam Morrell on big-data problems that modern astronomy missions represent
  • Lightning talk from Andy Wood about Kaleider and their passion for Art and Creative Technology
  • Further lightning talks (tbc) from our friends at Digital Plymouth and Software Cornwall
  • Pub Quiz – with questions covering both tech and digital news from the last 12 months

We will be hosted at the wonderful Met Office Collaboration building out on the science park, and there will be FREE FOOD AND DRINK provided.

So book your place now!


Meet the speaker – Paul Rose

Next up in our ‘Meet The Speaker’ series, we have Paul Rose who answered a few questions ahead of his talk on Scaling Web Projects/Servers …

Name: Paul Rose
Job role: Web Development & Technical Leadership Consultant / Twitter @_paulrose
Biggest passion: Work-wise: I love devoting my time to a single product, defining a vision for it, and seeing it come together. Outside of work: Travelling & Scuba Diving.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I’ve been designing and building web since I was about 13, it’s a true passion of mine. I love that I have the skills to envision a site or product, and then build it. The creativity and freedom that the web offers is fantastic.

How do you start your mornings?

It depends where I’m working that day. If it’s from home, it’s usually a slow start to the day with no alarm clock. I like to read with a coffee when I wake up and ease into the day with a decent breakfast before getting started on my to-do list for the day which I usually plan out the night before. If I’m working at a clients office that day, it’s up early and head off as soon as I’m ready. My current contracted client is about a 45-minute commute, so picking a good playlist to drive to is essential!

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Meet the speaker – Derek Buitenhuis

We’re privileged to have some amazing local talent who are willing to give up their free time to speak at our meetups. We asked Derek a few questions prior to his upcoming talk on Loading Balancing ….

Name: Derek Buitenhuis
Job role: Senior Video Engineer @ Vimeo
Biggest passion: Codecs & Metal
Twitter: @daemon404 / GitHub: dwbuiten / Freenode: Daemon404

What motivates you to do what you do?

Really simply put, I just really enjoy working on DSP, codecs, and video problems; they involve a lot of fun maths and statistics. It’s a hobby that turned into a job.

How do you start your mornings?

I don’t! Most of my team is in New York, so I shift my whole day by around 4-5 hours. When I do get going, I grab a flat white and chill for a bit at The Exploding Bakery, then hop on Slack/IRC/whatever.

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October 11th Meetup


Join us for a tear-down of the conference (full of juicy stats and feedback points!), plus we’ve got a lightning talk from @JordanTheCoder on her journey into tech!

October Post-Conference and Pre-SpaceApps meetup!

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018, 7:00 PM

City Gate Hotel
1 Iron Bridge Exeter, GB

54 Members Went

Fresh from our September conference (, come join us for our open tear-down of the event, and board the hype train for the NASA SpaceApps challenge (! * Lightning talk from Jordan Barkway (@JordanTheCoder) “Me & My Journey Into Tech” * We give you an exclusive behin…

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Conference Stats

Jordan the Coder:

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