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We run regular meetups on the last thursday of every other month (you can find them listed on and we also run other events from time to time!

“Really friendly group โ€“ lots of smart and engaging people.”

“… a good group with a fairly diverse mix of people and interests in the industry. It’s the perfect ground for expanding your knowledge from other professionals experiences …”

“Nice blend of tech/non-tech and some interesting conversations and debates. Very worthwhile”

“Good talks and event at @Exeter_Web last night! Look forward to seeing what comes of #TechExeter”

“The ladies are absolutely rocking @Exeter_Web, impressive talk from Rachel from @informatics_lab”

“Brilliant talks at @Exeter_Web this evening on machine learning and webgl”

The meetups are normally informal gatherings which begin with three 10 minute talks, Q&As and then networking afterwards. This super-friendly group includes engineers, designers, software developers, data scientists and many more tech related professions from all walks of life.

The events are great opportunities for peer-learning and meeting other professionals in the field of tech. The informal environment and friendly audience make it a great place to try public speaking and practice presentation skills – we welcome speakers on many different subjects, whether it is their first or one-hundredth talk!

Get involved:
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Meetup, 30th May Posted in: Meetups

Join us (for FREE!) at Positive Light Projects on Sidwell Street for a mix of interesting lightning talks and networking, plus FREE PIZZA ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• courtesy of CA TechTalent and OktaUK! (plus you can bring your own booze if you fancy ๐Ÿฅ‚)

Meetup, 21st March Posted in: Meetups

Join us (for FREE!) at Positive Light Projects on Sidwell Street for a mix of interesting lightning talks and networking, plus FREE PIZZA ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• courtesy of CA TechTalent! (plus you can bring your own booze if you fancy ๐Ÿฅ‚)

Emma Mallett
“Fostering Inclusive Belonging Through Community” at our upcoming meetup event. As the driving force behind WiTCH in Exeter, Emma is passionate about creating magic in technology and STEM by breaking down bias and barriers. Join us to share your ideas, explore opportunities, and get involved in this empowering initiative!

Elle Neal
“How to Harness AI in Your Business.” Discover generative AI use case patterns, real-world applications, and practical tips for implementation. Elle will showcase, an AI-powered application revolutionising accessibility and inclusion for neurodivergent individuals. Don’t miss out on learning about the transformative potential of AI in fostering understanding and inclusivity.

Sign up here :


  • 7.00pm: Doors open
  • 7.30pm: Introduction and talks start
  • Speakers: Emma Mallett and Elle Neal
  • 9.00pm: Doors close.

There is no bar at the venue so it’s BYOB. Light refreshments, pizza and snacks provided by CA TechTalent.
** If you’d like to talk at this or a future event, please get in touch with us!


Emma Mallett
Emma passionate about empowering young adults through mentorship, empowering women in business and empowering neurodiversity in the workplace. She cares about creating a sustainable, greener world. Is determined to be the change she wishes to see in the world and help drive subjects like these within the business network of her childhood home of Exeter.

Elle Neal
Elle Neal is a dedicated Generative AI Application Developer and Data Scientist, recognized as an AI4C Associate and celebrated among the 100 Women in Tech. As an advocate for ADHD awareness, Elle champions the importance of neurodiversity in technology. With a heartfelt commitment to AI and data science, she seamlessly blends technical skill with a genuine desire to make technology accessible and inclusive.

Feb 22nd: TechExeter x Bristol Games Hub Posted in: Meetups, Pinned

A joint crossover event between TechExeter and Bristol Games Hub, we’re at the University of Exeter’s “Creative Quadrant” building for an evening all about gaming ๐ŸŽฎ

We’ll be facilitated by Fiona Rourke who will be adding some playfulness throughout the evening, and we have 3 great lightning talks from:

  • Dr Tomas Rawlings (Studio Director at Auroch Digital) โ€“ How to start a games studio
  • Dr Rob Sherman (Digital Liberal Arts & Digital Cultures, University of Exeter) โ€“ Fortnite โ€œWONDERS: Pyramids of Gizaโ€
  • Fraser McCormick (Principle Programmer at Auroch Digital) โ€“ How to Survive a Console Port using Unity

There’ll be free refreshments and pizza (kindly supplied by TechExeter sponsor CA TechTalent and Bristol Game Hub’s sponsor Auroch Digital).


29th Nov meetup Posted in: Meetups

This month will be a selection of lightning talks, plus an opportunity to check out some Raspberry Pi 5 units hot off of the production line!

(We’d love to hear about your Raspberry Pi powered projects!)

โ€ŒPLEASE NOTE – we’ve changed the date to Nov 29th to avoid a clash with ProductTank Exeter that was running on the 23rd.

โ€ŒOur speakers for the evening:

  • Erin Templeman
    Type 1 Diabetes risk calculator using clinical features
  • Geoff Revill
    Confidentiality in digital engagement for healthcare
  • Lauren Lemmer
    Unlocking the Power of Organic Growth: Reaching More People on Social Media for Free!
  • Amy Stell
    Provably Safe AI: Trustworthy machine learning and robust AI


Event Timings (provisional):

  • 7.00pm doors open
  • 7.20pm talks start
  • 7.50pm break
  • 8.10pm talks resume
  • 9.00pm venue closes

>> Register Here : โ€Œ

Speaker profiles:

โ€ŒErin Templeman

PhD student at University of Exeter

(bio to follow shortly)


Geoff Revill

Co Founder and CEO at Safe Space One Ltd


Geoff has 25+ years in digital systems development leadership, mostly in Operating systems and middleware development and distributed data architectures for system of systems interoperability. Acquisitions led to product leadership role in silicon valley (strategic product lead for 10 product managers, 300 software engineers, 1000+ field sales people). Returning to the UK, Geoff built 2 start-ups, both innovation competition winners. Currently focussed on health tech leading Safe Space One Ltd. Also, pro bono Director for SW Cyber Security Cluster driving an ecosystem to support cyber innovators and cyber skills development.


Lauren Lemmer

Founder Lemon Tree Digital Marketing and Coach at Trade Ninja


As a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, Lauren holds a wealth of expertise in marketing strategy. Her career has spanned across diverse companies, from large corporations like Flybe and Avon to smaller operations such as high street shops and e-commerce start ups. She now runs a small marketing agency which manages social media for a broad range of clients.


Amy Stell

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD at University of Exeter

Amyโ€™s research is in ensuring trustworthy machine learning for high assurance systems. In particular looking at formally modelling and verifying the behaviour of neural networks with the aim to improve the safety and security of these systems.

SpaceApps 2023 Posted in: Events, Pinned

Updated Nov 2023:
Pics and video now available!

Mega Meetup 2023 Posted in: Meetups, Pinned

We’ve got a special version of our meetup this September – in lieu of a full on conference, we’ve got a set of awesome talks and a gorgeous venue to socialise in.

Topsham Brewery’s new upstairs space down on Exeter Quayside is ours for the evening, complete with fully stocked bar (card only)with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

AppleBlossom catering will be providing the food, which is included in the price of your ticket.

Doors open at 5pm (so you can come straight from work), and we close upstairs at 10pm but the party can continue on downstairs!


* Andrew Joiner, NHS Clinical Scientist, Bioinformatics – Medical Image Research

Andrew is a Bioinformatics clinical scientist working in the NHS with a specialisation in research trials involving AI for cancer detection. His particular focus right now is helping to facilitate large scale nationwide AI research trials as part of the National Breast Screening Service (NBSS) in the UK.

* Madhuparna Das, University of Exeter, Mathematics – Exploring the Implications of Generative AI Adoption in Higher Education

Madhuparna is an EPSRC doctoral fellow at the department of Mathematics, and founder of ThinkLabs AI.

* Georgie Monaghan, Wholegrain Digital – Let’s talk digital sustainability

Passionate about helping businesses grow in the right way, Georgie brings more than 17 years experience from agency and brand side roles to support organisations make informed, sustainable decisions about their web presence and strategy.

* Kris Sum, Switch Systems / Tech Exeter – Building a haunted house live experience

Kris is director of Switch Systems, a tech consultancy he setup in 2007. This talk looks at building and operating a unique immersive experience, and the technological challenges faced in providing robust systems in an ever-changing film set.

Get your tickets from

Summer Social, July 27th Posted in: Meetups

Come join us for free food and drink up at Exeter Science Park – we’ll be outside The Dome, with a selection of games and also (by popular demand) our fun quiz!

No speakers this month, just an opportunity to chat with your peers and meet new people.

We’ve got a tasty dinner coming from The Spanish Shop in the form of Paella, which is generously sponsored by CA Tech Talent. We’ll also have a selection of soft drinks, but feel free to BYOB.

Sign up :

Agile on the Beach, July 6 โ€“ 7 Posted in: Events, Pinned

Agile on the Beach is a conference devoted to delivering an environment for businesses and individuals at all stages of their digital transformation and Agile journey to thrive, grow and develop.

With only 50 tickets left, the conference attracts attendees and speakers from all over the globe and includes two full days of talks, learning, workshops, networking and social events. We talk Software Delivery (the track Kris is hosting), Agility In Business, Team Working, Product Design & Management and there are multiple workshops over both days.

More info and tickets at

SpaceApps 2022 recap video Posted in: Events

A quick glimpse of 2022’s event as we ready preparations for this year!

Save the date: October 7-8, 2023.

March 9th Meetup Posted in: Meetups, Uncategorised

Join us (for FREE!) at Positive Light Projects on Sidwell Street for a mix of interesting lightning talks and networking, plus FREE PIZZA ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• courtesy of CA TechTalent!


  • 7.00pm: Doors open
  • 7.30pm: Introduction and talks start
  • Anna Davey-Mittchel: The techno-politics of accountability: simulated humans, AI, and commercialism
  • Peter Stephenson: Homelessness in Exeter and the services St Petrockโ€™s provides
  • Ross Edwards: Using Unreal Engine to bring together satellite imagery, lidar and gps telemetry data to generate detailed digital portals replicating real world environments
  • 9.00pm: Doors close.

There is no bar at the venue so it’s BYOB. Light refreshments, pizza and snacks provided by CA TechTalent.

** If you’d like to talk at this or a future event, please get in touch with us!


Anna Davey-Mitchell

Anna is a techno-political Researcher at the University of Bristol and sits on their Digital Societies Faculty Research Group Leadership team. Anna looks to understand issues of accountability and bias in the development of emerging technologies. Her research investigates the construction and commercialisation of humanoid AI robots, what these tell us about conceptions of womanhood and whiteness, and how this affects global socio-political spaces, policy and regulation, and ideas of citizenship.

Alongside her academic work, Anna is an experienced innovation and funding advisor, currently working with The University of Exeterโ€™s SETsquared and Knowledge Transfer Partnership teams. She has supported leading UK business and academic partners across multiple sectors, aiding them to collaborate and secure millions of pounds in funding.

Peter Stephenson

Starting off as a structural engineer, Peter retrained in my late 20s to work in the church, but ended up volunteering in network of drug rehab centres in Madrid (long story!). This turned into a full time role and, on returning to the UK he started a career providing housing for people at risk of homelessness. After 18 years with YMCA in Exeter, Birmingham and Somerset, Peter became the Director of St Petrockโ€™s in late 2021 in order to return to more grass-roots work with the most disadvantaged.

Ross Edwards

Ross is lead GIS Developer at UK Hydrographic Office.


Q. I’m not a techy person; can I still attend?

A. YES! We welcome those working in tech/digital and those who want to find out more about tech!