Meet the speaker – Al Mclintock

Al reached out to us to let us know about Exeter College’s plans for the new T (technical) Level qualifications – find out more at her upcoming talk on wednesday!

Name: Al Mclintock
Job role: Industry Placement Liaison Officer, Exeter College
LinkedIn: Al Mclintock

What’s your biggest passion?

I used to be a cook and a baker so it is really nice to get to do it as a way of relaxing rather than as a job!

What motivates you to do what you do?

I believe that young people are growing up in a challenging and unknown world and need support to flourish – just like we all did when we were young.

How do you start your mornings?

I usually have a really tasty breakfast as it is my favourite meal of the day, drink tea and coffee and then go outside.

What does a ‘typical’ work day look like?

Typically I work with students, employers and tutors on a daily basis, supporting and engaging them with  IT/Digital/ Business Industry Placements in the hope that students and employers will have a positive and mutually beneficial experience.

Who do you lunch with?

Me, myself and I

When are you most productive?

First thing in the morning or late in the evening.

What is your talk about?

To raise awareness of Industry Placements and T – Levels at Exeter College and to talk about the role of employers, challenges faced and to learn what the college could do to support local tech businesses to offer students long term work placements.

What is the best resource for people who want to dive in deeper?

Industry Placements and T-Levels are all very new with information being available through the Department of Education and the AOC but I am a good person to talk to if you want more information, particularly over a coffee.

Thanks Al for your answers! If you want to find out more, come along to our meetup:

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