Code of Conduct: statement

We have been made aware that a speaker who presented at our 2022 annual conference was convicted on 25th October 2022 of a prior sexual assault .

We are shocked and appalled to hear this news, which is a clear violation of our code of conduct.

The following actions have been enforced:

  • Not publishing the video or slides of a talk from individual(s) that violated the policy
  • Not publishing the individual(s) on our platforms (websites, social media)
  • Not allowing individual(s) who violated the policy to give (further) talks at the event now or in the future
  • Requiring that the individual(s) not volunteer for future events
  • Requiring that the individual(s) refund any community-funded monies
  • Banning the individual(s) from future events

This is a good time for everyone (including us) to review our code of conduct and policies and procedures. We have now modified our code of conduct to include a section specifically related to criminal offences, and have also updated our “call for speakers” template to include this disclosure.

Here are some links to support services:

TechExeter will also be making a donation to Devon Rape Crisis.

If you would like to discuss this further you may contact us.