29th Nov meetup

This month will be a selection of lightning talks, plus an opportunity to check out some Raspberry Pi 5 units hot off of the production line!

(We’d love to hear about your Raspberry Pi powered projects!)

PLEASE NOTE – we’ve changed the date to Nov 29th to avoid a clash with ProductTank Exeter that was running on the 23rd.

Our speakers for the evening:

  • Erin Templeman
    Type 1 Diabetes risk calculator using clinical features
  • Geoff Revill
    Confidentiality in digital engagement for healthcare
  • Lauren Lemmer
    Unlocking the Power of Organic Growth: Reaching More People on Social Media for Free!
  • Amy Stell
    Provably Safe AI: Trustworthy machine learning and robust AI

Event Timings (provisional):

  • 7.00pm doors open
  • 7.20pm talks start
  • 7.50pm break
  • 8.10pm talks resume
  • 9.00pm venue closes

>> Register Here : ‌https://meetu.ps/e/Mx8sN/fcQhg/i

Speaker profiles:

Erin Templeman

PhD student at University of Exeter

(bio to follow shortly)

Geoff Revill

Co Founder and CEO at Safe Space One Ltd

Geoff has 25+ years in digital systems development leadership, mostly in Operating systems and middleware development and distributed data architectures for system of systems interoperability. Acquisitions led to product leadership role in silicon valley (strategic product lead for 10 product managers, 300 software engineers, 1000+ field sales people). Returning to the UK, Geoff built 2 start-ups, both innovation competition winners. Currently focussed on health tech leading Safe Space One Ltd. Also, pro bono Director for SW Cyber Security Cluster driving an ecosystem to support cyber innovators and cyber skills development.

Lauren Lemmer

Founder Lemon Tree Digital Marketing and Coach at Trade Ninja

As a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, Lauren holds a wealth of expertise in marketing strategy. Her career has spanned across diverse companies, from large corporations like Flybe and Avon to smaller operations such as high street shops and e-commerce start ups. She now runs a small marketing agency which manages social media for a broad range of clients.

Amy Stell

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD at University of Exeter

Amy’s research is in ensuring trustworthy machine learning for high assurance systems. In particular looking at formally modelling and verifying the behaviour of neural networks with the aim to improve the safety and security of these systems.