Wifi Wars at the Exeter Phoenix

Wifi Wars is an audience participation gaming event which is currently touring the country, and it was held at the Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 7th July. Rob and I went along…

The event is the brainchild of Rob Sedgebeer and Steve McNeil behind the airing-in-the-near-future TV gaming show “Go 8-bit” (hosted by Dara O’Briain).

To join in, you connect to a wifi network using your mobile phone, and then you visit a web page which then allows you to control aspects of the games (triggered by the presenters). I had a go at a similar thing at the Mozilla Conference last year and it worked pretty well, but this had a lot more polish to it!

The guys bring 4x access points, 2 laptops (for game control, projection, VR demo etc) and everything runs in HTML5 with a NodeJS backend. We had an awesome night of gaming, despite there not being many people attending!

Some pics from the Exeter event: