The Deep December Meetup (Thursday 7th Dec)

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programme of 3 lightning talks, and as always we’ll have, networking chit-chat and the great vibe that you folk always give us.

* Martin Kelman from ATS-Global talking about “Aerospace Automated Assembly and the Digital Factory”
* Chris Harrison from FuneralZone talking on “Event Sourcing with Prooph (php)”
* John Batty talking about “Inspiring kids to code with a PICO-8”


Martin Kelman sends his apologies for missing this meetup – we’ve rescheduled and he’ll be speaking at our next meetup in February.

Above: Chris Harrison talking about Event Sourcing.

Above: John Batty talking about the PICO-8.

Above: John Batty showing the PICO-8’s sound editor.