Meetup, 21st March

Join us (for FREE!) at Positive Light Projects on Sidwell Street for a mix of interesting lightning talks and networking, plus FREE PIZZA 🍕🍕🍕 courtesy of CA TechTalent! (plus you can bring your own booze if you fancy 🥂)

Emma Mallett
“Fostering Inclusive Belonging Through Community” at our upcoming meetup event. As the driving force behind WiTCH in Exeter, Emma is passionate about creating magic in technology and STEM by breaking down bias and barriers. Join us to share your ideas, explore opportunities, and get involved in this empowering initiative!

Elle Neal
“How to Harness AI in Your Business.” Discover generative AI use case patterns, real-world applications, and practical tips for implementation. Elle will showcase, an AI-powered application revolutionising accessibility and inclusion for neurodivergent individuals. Don’t miss out on learning about the transformative potential of AI in fostering understanding and inclusivity.

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  • 7.00pm: Doors open
  • 7.30pm: Introduction and talks start
  • Speakers: Emma Mallett and Elle Neal
  • 9.00pm: Doors close.

There is no bar at the venue so it’s BYOB. Light refreshments, pizza and snacks provided by CA TechTalent.
** If you’d like to talk at this or a future event, please get in touch with us!


Emma Mallett
Emma passionate about empowering young adults through mentorship, empowering women in business and empowering neurodiversity in the workplace. She cares about creating a sustainable, greener world. Is determined to be the change she wishes to see in the world and help drive subjects like these within the business network of her childhood home of Exeter.

Elle Neal
Elle Neal is a dedicated Generative AI Application Developer and Data Scientist, recognized as an AI4C Associate and celebrated among the 100 Women in Tech. As an advocate for ADHD awareness, Elle champions the importance of neurodiversity in technology. With a heartfelt commitment to AI and data science, she seamlessly blends technical skill with a genuine desire to make technology accessible and inclusive.