GAME>PLAY festival

GAME>PLAY is a brand new one-day gaming festival for Exeter – bringing together playable art, retro gaming, indie games and theatre shows together under one roof.

Saturday 23rd February, Exeter Phoenix

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We’re filling Exeter Phoenix for the entire day with free exhibits, arcade games, virtual reality experiences and lots of family friendly fun, PLUS we have two amazing shows you can get super-low priced tickets for:

  • John Robertson’s “The Dark Room”

    The audience is trapped in a retro videogame with a sadistic end-of-level boss. Now either escape and win £1000 – or be brutally murdered by the rest of the crowd! Will you:

    • A) Find the Light Switch?
    • B) Go North?
    • C) Abandon Hope?

Filled with stand-up, appalling prizes and more audience chanting than you’d get at a protest – this is a gut-busting rock n’ roll experience for everyone who buys a ticket.

The show has had 8 consecutive runs at Edinburgh Fringe, and the child-friendly(ish) version, which took home Best Kid’s Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2018.

  • Alistair Aitcheson’s “The Incredible Playable Show”

    The Incredible Playable Show is an interactive video game comedy show where you, the audience, take to the stage!Become human buttons, take on the Power Rangers, zap each other with barcode scanners, and play Pac-Man using inflatable toys. Or sit back, and watch your friends literally become cogs in a hilarious machine!

    The show has toured internationally and won the Jury Choice Award at IndieCade 2017

And loads more!

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