Coding Dojo at Exeter University

The University of of Exeter is holding an occasional series of ‘Coding Dojos’, starting on Thursday 3rd November, with the first one on the subject of Graph Databases, hosted by Gerry McNicol, co-founder of Big Consultancy and long-time data-scientist and developer.

The topic:
Relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL don’t really store relationships. We’re going dive into the alternative world of Graph databases and see why internet giants like Facebook, Netflix and LinkedIn use this particular NoSQL model.

The purpose of a coding dojo is to learn and practice practical and commercial skills involved in software development and software engineering. It involves a short session on Graph Databases, followed by some work in small groups on a few related challenges. It will include people working in industry as well as from within the department of Computer Science at the University, and provides a great opportunity to share skills and knowledge with people working in different fields. Free pizza is provided.

The event is free but you need to book by ordering a ticket on Eventbrite. Sign up using access code ‘public75’ at